Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Some people may think that posting videos of fights, pictures while intoxicated , or as bad asses is cool until it bites them in the ass. I read three articles in which it shows how young adults have been given no  sympathy due to their postings over the Internet.  

December 5th 2007, a couple of  teenagers from Brooklyn thought it'd  be cool if they started problems with a Caucasian guy and film it. They started harassing him, calling him names, throwing things at him, and getting in his face. One thing led to another and because of the  man answering back to them they ended up hitting him and posting the video on YouTube by Kadejra Holmes, a highschool student and aspiring Harlem filmmaker. The girls soon got asked about the video by the police and the denied being involved in anything. They deleted the video from YouTube but it was too late, the police had already seen it. 

In an article titled Web Networking Photos Come Back to Bite Defendants by Eric Tucker, it talks about many different stories involving teenagers/young adults who post up videos, pictures, or blogs associating them with drugs, liquor, or violence. In one specific part, it tells how a judge was thinking of possibly giving Lara Buys probation for a 2006 drunker driving crash that killed her passenger. But just before right before sentencing her, he decided to check her Myspace page. unfortunately for her, he saw pictures of her, after the accident but before the sentencing, holding a glass of wine and making jokes about drinking and driving. 

In another article, Teenagers Misbehaving for all Online to Watch, They talk about how kids make dumb videos of them beating each other up or post up pictures that were taken at a slumber party in panties and bras on the internet. They asked a couple of kids questions and got responses like "I wanna be known" or "hey it could get me on TV" they do all this for street cred, or 15 minutes of fame, but they don't know how much it'll affect them later on.

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