Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see

"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see"
- Benjamin Franklin

I go a lot by this quote because I believe that not everything that you see or are told is true. You always need proof to confirm things that you're unsure about. Unless you know that it's a fact you have to ask questions. Sometimes , even when you see them with your own eyes there's a possibility of it not being true. 

A situation where I thought like this when when my little brothers school call me telling me that he had gotten into a fight at school. When they told me this, I stood calm and thought to myself that it wasn't true. I know my brother well, and he's not the type of kid to argue with other people other then me. He's quiet and keeps to himself, so no one would annoy him. I went over to the school and there he was, with a ice patch on his forehead. Turns out he DID get into a fight with a older kid because he had been bullying my little brother for a while now. I was angry at him for fighting but was proud that he stood up for himself. i was even more proud when i saw the 5Th graders lip BUSTED. Like the quote says , i didn't believe my brothers school until i saw it with my own eyes and had my little brothers ice patch in my hand as proof.

"Who are you to judge the life i live ? 
I'm not perfect, and i don't live to be. 
But before you start pointing fingers, 
make sure your hands are clean"
- Bob Marley

This quote is very true. There are always people criticizing others, meanwhile what they don't realize is that they're not perfect either. Everyone has their own way of doing what they do, dressing how they dress, thinking how they think, and living like they live. No way is a wrong way, just a different one. Nobody's perfect, but somehow there are those people who think they are. 


ram_rojas said...

Jay-z is one of the best thats out there in our time he doing big thing he one of the best

Justin Rivera said...

thanx 4 da comment...but yea its true, life goes on and thats how u gotta live it