Monday, July 14, 2008

NYC Schools

In the article from the NYTimes about our NY Schools, they mentioned how so many students and parents were satisfied with their schools. Like last year, the city gave everyone a survey again this year, to let them know what people thought of their schools and whether they felt safe or not there. 

In the article, Jennifer Medina mentions how more than a third of middle and high school students said getting good grades did not earn the respect of other students, and nearly a quarter of parents named smaller classes as the improvement they most wanted. I agree with this because at my old high school, students who got good grades were considered "goody goody kids" or "nerds", they were limited to the "groups/crews" that they could hang out with. When I transfered to the school I'm in now, which by the way is way smaller, everything changed. I'm now surrounded with a new environment, a better one. Students in this school are focused on getting good grades, and those who don't, are considered to be "wasting their time". My mom loves the fact that i transfered to this new school, She said she knew it'd be better for me, and i must say that i agree.

While completing the survey, they asked questions that I never took the time to pay close attention to. A couple of the questions were whether I felt safe or not in my current school, whether or not I was satisfied with my education, and if my teachers were successful on teaching me. I do feel safe in my high school, we have security guards who are alert and on point at all times. There are very few fights a year, if any at all. I am satisfied with my education, I feel that now I have a greater chance of graduating, I understand my classes better, and the lessons that students here are given are challenging. The teachers that i have now, are the best I've had in all my 11 years of my attendance in school. They're helpful, understanding, determined and have an amazing amount of patience for their students. They're always willing to stay after school on any given day, call home when they get worried about kids grades or attendance, and are sometimes more excited about regents then the actual students taking them.

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