Monday, July 7, 2008

Habits of MInd

Taking Responsible Risks

Habit of Mind is how you react & your way of thinking when your confronted with a situation.

People who take responsible risks usually go beyond the limit of things. They seem to like taking tasks in which they're not sure of what the outcome will be. They accept failure and confusion easier than others. The risks that they take aren't dumb or uneducated. People who take responsible risks follow on past experiences and knowledge . They're aware that not all risks are worth taking, These people are usually risk takers because they feel that by holding back from doing certain things, they're increasing the chance on missing out on opportunities.

I've been confronted with this habit many times in my life. One particular situation was when i was given the chance to come to my new school. I was doing so bad at my old school, that i was getting ready to drop out. My aunt kept insisting that i transfer schools and come to West Side after freshmen year. I debated against it and decided to stay at Washington Irving. I completed my sophomore year there and i was doing worse then i had been doing my first year there. As i was just about ready to drop out of high school, my aunt reminded me of this alternative school. She told me I had nothing to lose, and how this was my last chance I'd be getting in order to graduate. I figured she was right and 2 months later i transfered here for summer school. I'm doing ten times better in this school then I would've been doing at any other school. I'm expected to graduate in april of '08, thats 2 months earlier then when I was originally supposed to graduate. If i would've never taken this chance i would've never had another chance on getting my High School diploma.

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hezekiah petersen said...

everone has to take responsible risks job (*_*)